Procrastination At It’s Finest & The Steps To Never Procrastinate Again

Procrastination At Its Finest & The Steps To Never Procrastinate Again

procrastination at its finest

Procrastination at its finest meaning

Procrastination at its finest: A funny way of sharing how bad we all are at following through with what we plan.

When you search this phrase or “procrastination at its best” on Google, what you’ll find is a bunch of memes and videos showcasing the hard truth of what many experience as procrastination. 

And the reason why these pictures and videos are funny is because we can all relate.

Check out these memes for example:

procrastination meme
procrastination at its finest meme

Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced this…

Now, before you go off and explore all the funny things available. Let me tell you the real reason why you procrastinate and give you some helpful insight that will change the way you approach your time forever.

Why you keep putting things off...

putting things off

To put it plainly, you keep putting tasks off because you don’t want to do them.

You schedule it or think to do it, but then when it comes time to take action, you want to do something else.

But what if the things on your to-do list are not aligned with why you are here on the planet?

Ever considered that?

I personally don’t procrastinate on things because I designed my schedule to be exactly what I want it to be.

And even if there are tasks that are uncomfortable/unwanted, like writing an article or doing my taxes or sending offers to people, I know why I’m doing them.

Think back to when you went to school and you were pretty much forced to learn about every subject.

At some point you had some elective classes, and usually those are the ones you looked forward to…because you actually got to CHOOSE them.


art class

Same thing happened with me when I was working in corporate.

The assignments I chose were the ones I had the most energy towards and would honor my schedule for.

When you have choice about what you want to do, then you get to design your day, your life, and your work in a way where you are only doing tasks that you genuinely want to do.

(This is why I help people to create more time to build their dream business – so they can control their schedule more fully.)

So what if you are working in a job that doesn’t give you the choice for what you do?

You have two choices…you either quit your job and do what YOU want… OR you make what you are doing MATTER.

Listen, when something is a priority to you, it always gets done.

If something matters to you, it gets done.

If something excites you and is fun to you, then it gets done.

The way you THINK and FEEL about the things on your calendar will determine whether you are going to DO what’s on the calendar.

How to make what you do matter


Think about the task of doing your taxes or reviewing your financials.

If given the option to watch Netflix or do your taxes, which one would you want?

To watch Netflix of course!

Now if I asked you to list off the consequences of NOT doing your taxes and to list the reasons why doing your taxes is important…then the desire to do them would increase. 

Desire is simply a byproduct of your own inner wanting.

In other words, desire comes from thinking about what you really want in your life.

If you increase the desire, you increase the priority.

Many people don’t think they can control their desire, but this is not true.

You definitely can control your desire. 

You just need to repeat enough times in your mind WHY you want something, and you will create time for it.

Here’s an exercise I would invite you to do.

It’s called 7 Deep. (I got this from my friend Dean Graziosi) 

It’s all about asking yourself WHY something is important to you 7 times. This is not the 5 why analysis that Toyota created long ago. This is the 7 why analysis.

Doing so will help move the reason for doing something from your head to your heart.


Let me share a personal example with you:

1. Why do I want to spend time reviewing my finances?

Because if I’m not aware of where my money is and how much I am earning, then I will likely run out of money.

2. Why is it important that I not run out of money?

Because if I run out of money then I won’t be able to provide for my family.

3. Why is it important for you to provide for your family?

Because it’s my role in life. It’s something that I want to do to help those I love.

4. Why is it important for you to fulfill this role?

Because it gives my life meaning and purpose.

5. Why is it important for you to live with meaning and purpose?

Because this is what life is about. It’s about honoring what’s in my heart and helping those people that have been placed in my life.

6. Specifically, why is it important for you to honor what’s in your heart?

Because my heart communicates my values and what truly matters

7. Why is it important for you to do what truly matters?

Because if I’m not doing what truly matters, then I’m lost. I’m lost in someone else’s agenda. This is my life. It’s up to me to do what I want.


So why do I want to review my finances?

Because it truly matters in being able to fulfill my purpose in providing for my family and helping those I love. It’s a key element to managing my business and ensuring that my money is serving me, my family, and my clients in the best way possible.


When I think about WHY I want to do something. The desire to do it increases, and I end up doing the action.

What we prioritize and schedule gets done.

And how do you increase the priority of something? 

You choose to make it important. Simple as that.

You reflect on and remind yourself of why it’s important.

You intentionally choose to think about the value of doing the task.

Think about all the benefits of doing the task.

How will your life change if you continually honor this calendar item?

You can also think about the consequence of continually putting it off.

What will happen if you don’t review your finances?

How will your life change if you continually push this off?

Create a list of benefits and a list of consequences for those things you continually put off and I bet you’ll be following through more often.

 Even if you spend one minute doing this, it will make a world of difference

SUMMARY (if anything, read you can stop procrastinating at your finest)

As a time coach, I help my clients stop procrastinating and start honoring their dreams.

These are the steps I recommend to them and YOU:

Step 1: Review your calendar or write down all the things that you do each day and week. 

  • What are the things you could eliminate or delegate that you don’t genuinely want to do?
  • What do you want to do more of that’s not on the calendar?
  • What do you continually put off that you know is important to do?
  • Why do you want to do those things?


Step 2: List out the benefits of doing those things and the consequences of not doing those things.

Step 3: Break down the work into small pieces so that the brain doesn’t think it’s some HUGE task (Example – instead of writing “do taxes”, write “statements for taxes collected”)

Step 4: Remind yourself on the day of WHY you want to do the task

Step 5: Regularly evaluate what you are doing with your time and revise your calendar to align with your values and long-term vision.


If you do these steps, procrastination will become a thing of the past.


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